Breezy Meadow                   Labradors

Spring 2011 Puppies are Due May 1st!

Lady is due to whelp May 1. 

HoneySuckle is due to whelp May 8.
This will be HoneySuckle's first litter so we are excited to meet her pups!

Call or email if interested. We are currently taking deposits (1/2 payment) which entitles you to order of pick of litter.

I'll keep you posted as they arrive!!!!!
Please pray for a healthy and safe whelp for mommies and pups!

Who is
Breezy Meadow Farm?

Breezy Meadow Farm is a family owned farm located in west central Illinois.  Our farm consists of rolling pasture hills, hiking timber, and many animals.  We were both raised on farms, Gregg in Iowa, and Deb in Illinois.  It was decided that we wanted our boys raised with a country / farming environment.  Therefore, in 2006, purchased 40 acres of cattle pasture and built our dream home.  Breezy Meadow Farm is home to 20+ boer / cross goats, 12 laying hens, numerous cats, a Great Pyrenese pup (Snuggles), and of course, our pride and joy, our Breezy Meadow Labradors (Lady, Mac, and HoneySuckle). Our goal at Breezy Meadow Farm is to raise healthy labradors and help them find their forever home where they can touch many lives in so many ways. We welcome visitors and love to share the story of how our dream has become a reality.  Our opening says it perfectly:

Labs may not be our whole lives
Labs make our lives whole.


Deb & Gregg